10 Reasons to eliminate the income tax in South Carolina

  1. Ending the income tax will give back $2500 to the average South Carolina family of 4.
  2. It will take close to $3 Billion out of the hands government and give right back to the individual men and women that earned it.
  3. Ending the income tax will create tens of thousands of jobs in South Carolina.
  4. It will force the state legislature to streamline government spending and cut waste.
  5. Ending the income tax will make the state legislature accountable to workers and taxpayers instead of government employees, lobbyists, and special interests whom profit from high government spending.
  6. It will allow South Carolina to become a magnet to productive businesses and individuals.
  7. It will help millions of South Carolina families cover the rising costs of gas and food and help pay off credit cards, school loans or other debt. It could also help save thousands of families from home foreclosure and bankruptcy.
  8. Makes South Carolina tax burden more affordable to attract retirees as well as allow younger workers to be able to afford a living in the state
  9. Ending the income tax will end the egregious burden that it is on both businesses and the individual since most of our citizens trade their time for money. A tax ones income is a tax on ones time and a tax on one’s livelihood.
  10. We can do it all by simply rolling back to 2010 spending levels

There are 9 other states that don’t have an income tax: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. Lets make South Carolina the 10th!