Smaller Government

It all comes down to one word when you talk about shrinking government. Reform. Tort Reform, Tax Reform, Ethics Reform, Judicial Reform and Education Reform to name a few. Creating a smaller government is one of the issues I’m trying to address by running for SC Senate District 37.


Lower Taxes

How much money should you be able to keep of yours? Where is all that money of our taxes going? Have you ever actually asked that? Have you ever gotten a straight answer? The fact is everybody wants a lower tax bill, EVERYBODY. Individual income taxes are the single largest source of state revenue in the United States. Yet there are 9 other states in this country that do not have one. Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. States with no income tax can make up that lost revenue in many ways, normally thru other taxes or reduced services. A states overall tax burden is normally a good measure of that state affordability. So where do we rank in South Carolina and what can be done to lower taxes if I win SC Senate District 37?


More Freedom

Our elected officials should not be picking winners and losers in our economy or our justice system. There soul role needs to be about leveling the playing field and making sure that anyone regardless of gender, sexuality, income status or age can have the opportunity to pursue their dreams uninhibited by big government and big business.

Let's Start Something New