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“I believe that big business and big government are the two greatest threats facing our generation. Both have their interests being served by those in either party. The only way to break thru the gridlock to get things done is a strong and independent third party that is based wholly on strong fiscal conservatism and socially progressivism.”

-Steve French

Steve’s Top Priorities

Smaller Government

Get Government off our backs. We need a small number of rules and for the Government to get out of the way. This will help lower taxes and create an environment for small businesses to grow and thrive.

Lower Taxes

End the corporate and personal income tax in S.C. . A tax on ones income is a tax on ones time, and a tax on one’s time is a tax on ones livelihood.

More Freedom

More freedom starts with one simple word, Choice. I am the only candidate that is Pro Choice, Pro-Marijuana, Pro-environment, and Pro-gambling.

The Top Issues


  • Pay South Carolina teachers the most in the country to an average of $78,500
  • S.C. ranks 33 out of 50 states right now with a average of $50,800
  • Enact a full school choice program where $11,200 that is paid per student is attached to that specific child on to the school system


  • Enact a taxpayer rebate fund
  • Push for the passage of the S.C. Fairtax
  • Get rid of the S.C. personal and corporate income tax
  • Get rid of business tax incentives and deductions
  • Sell Santee Cooper

Health Care

  • Allow for the state of S.C. to subsidize malpractice insurance to all retired health care physicians who want to open up any health care clinic in the state
  • Allow the citizens of S.C. to be able to cross state lines for find competitive rate for health coverage

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Pay police officers the most in the country
  • Decriminalize marijuana and end incarceration for non-violent drug offenses
  • End civil asset forfeiture and qualified immunity for police officers
  • Allow for gambling in S.C. including casinos and video poker

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Compared to the other 50 States

Local Tax Burden


Poverty Rate

Marginal Tax Rate

Meet Steve

Carolina born, successful small business owner, husband and father of two who wants to fight for you to get the Government you deserve. Steve French is running as a libertarian for SC Senate District 37 because he believes in securing freedom and prosperity for the people of Berkeley County and all of South Carolina.

Steve on the Issues


Health Care

I believe the state should subsidize malpractice insurance for any doctor that wants to open a free clinic in the State


Lower Taxes

Completely get rid of the corporate and personal income taxes



Make S.C. public school teachers the highest paid teachers in the country while allotting a full school choice program that every dollar is attached to the child



Repeal the penny per gallon gas tax



I am not for drilling offshore.



Pro-choice because I choose to be Pro Life



Legalize it / Decriminalize it



Casinos or any gambling should be allowed

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